Gracilis Bamboo

Gracilis bamboo installed in Santa Rosa, Ca

View of Gracilis from outside home

 A great bamboo for landscaping is Gracilis, which is a variety of Textilis Bamboo.  It is native to China and has canes that grow strongly upright before they begin nodding at their tips.  Gracilis has smaller culms (canes) than Textilis however. Its foliage nods toward the top of the plant which gives it a graceful look.  In this area it can grow to 15 feet tall.  It needs full sun to do well.  It tends to have small leaves for a semitropiclal bamboo and is able to withstand mild winds without damage to its foliage.  Gracilis is a clumping bamboo and as it clumps very tightly, it makes for an excellent hedge.

beautiful bamboo installation

Gracilis bamboo, from inside house

This Gracilis bamboo was installed at a private home in Santa Rosa. The photos show the improved view from both inside and outside. 

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