Spectabilis bamboo installation


Spectabilis is  one variety of the broader category of phyllostachys aureosulcata.  It is an excellent, cold hardy ornamental with yellow culms and a green sulcus.  The lower part of the culms may bend and zigzag, and may look as if someone bent or broke them.  The culms regain their vertical direction as they grow so the upper part of the culms are straight.  The crooked lower culms heighten the ornamental appeal.  New culms and braches often take on rose-red or purple-red tints as they are exposed to the sun.  Some leaves may have light, variegated stripes.    Phyllostachys aureosulcata is one of the more widely planted ornamental bamboos in the US.  It was first brought into the US in 1907 from China and was widely distributed in the 1920′s.    This type of bamboo becomes established rapidly and is a great choice for climates with cold winters.   It will not grow as tall in cold climates,  but it will survive and thrive in colder conditions.  It is a vigorous grower and runner in warm climates. 

"Before" photo.

“Before” photo.

The following photos are ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of Spectabilis bamboo.  The second photo shows how the house next door is largely hidden and how the bamboo enhances this back yard.  

After installation of Spectabilis bamboo

After installation of Spectabilis bamboo


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