The common name for Phyllostachys bambusoides is Japanese timber bamboo, madake.  It originated in China, but has long been cultivated in Japan, where it is the most widely grown timber bamboo.  It was introduced into Europe in 186 by a French admiral.  It first came to America around 1890.  Bambusoides sometimes does not initiate new shoots until early summer.  The young canes are glossy green.  The young plants have long, prominent lower branches.  Mature plants do not have branches on the lower nodes.  An emerging young shoot in a mature grove has been recorded at a growth rate of 47.6 inches in a single day!  Individual culms (canes) are among the longest lived, producing new foliage each year for two or more decades.  Bambusoides is one of the true giant tree grasses.  Of the timber bamboos, only one variety is potentially larger.  In northerna Califoria it can grow to heights of 40-50 ft, with a diameter of 4-4 1/2 inches.before[1]

  These two photos demonstrate a garden before and after installation of bambusoides.

bambusoides bamboo

bambusoides bamboo

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