Canaries – Santa Rosa


Canary Island Palms, Santa Rosa, Ca Nov 2011

The Canary Island Palm is one of the most exotic palms.  This cold-hearty palm has been used in landscaping for over 150 years.  Elegant and stately, there are few locations where it cannot be used. It is sometimes called the “Pineapple Palm” because the trunk resembles a pineapple after it’s trimmed.  This large, slow-growing palm eventually reaches a height of 50-60 feet, but luckily it takes a very long time to reach its full height.  The diameter of the trunk can reach four feet.

The Canary Palm grows best in full sun in soil which is kept moist.  Soil should be well-drained.   This palm provides a canopy of green to dark green fronds.  The trunk has a diamond shape pattern.

Canaries - Santa Rosa - installed November 1, 2011 #2

Canary Island Palms, Santa Rosa, Ca Nov 2011

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