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Privacy Screen – Textilis Gracilis

Bamboo Privacy Screen - Textilis Gracilis

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Horticulture Show

An Instant Jungle display at the Horticulture Show in San Mateo. February 10, 2016

Horticulture Show San Mateo

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Instant Jungle Greenhouse

Instant Jungle has a new Greenhouse!  This is the winter home for warm weather plants.

Greenhouse at Instant Jungle

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Privacy Screen – Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo makes a great privacy screen between properties. Where the view was previously of a fence and of the neighbors house, now it is of Black Bamboo plants. Quite the transformation!

Privacy Screen - Black Bamboo

Privacy Screen using Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo Privacy Screen

Black Bamboo Privacy Screen

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Transformation of a Las Vegas Restaurant!

These are After and Before photos of a live plant installation for a Pancho’s restaurant venue  in Las Vegas.

The installation was done by The Instant Jungle-Santa Ana facility.






IMG_7915 IMG_7914



IMG_7913 IMG_7912


Bambusoides planted in a narrow bed. Topped at 14 feet tall.

bungalow Bambusoides
Bambusoides in Narrow Bed. Topped at 14'


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Bissetii Bamboo In Troughs 

Cotati Deck with hot tub and Bissetii bamboo privacy screening


Cotati Deck Bamboo

Cotati Deck Bamboo

Deck bamboo screening - Cotati

Deck bamboo screening – Cotati

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Bamboo Installation at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts bamboo installation

Palace of Fine Arts

Instant Jungle delivered and installed bamboo plants to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco!  Still Beautiful!

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Gracilis Bamboo

Gracilis bamboo installed in Santa Rosa, Ca

View of Gracilis from outside home

 A great bamboo for landscaping is Gracilis, which is a variety of Textilis Bamboo.  It is native to China and has canes that grow strongly upright before they begin nodding at their tips.  Gracilis has smaller culms (canes) than Textilis however. Its foliage nods toward the top of the plant which gives it a graceful look.  In this area it can grow to 15 feet tall.  It needs full sun to do well.  It tends to have small leaves for a semitropiclal bamboo and is able to withstand mild winds without damage to its foliage.  Gracilis is a clumping bamboo and as it clumps very tightly, it makes for an excellent hedge.

beautiful bamboo installation

Gracilis bamboo, from inside house

This Gracilis bamboo was installed at a private home in Santa Rosa. The photos show the improved view from both inside and outside. 

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Carmel estate

Black bamboo and canary palms installed in Carmel, Ca.  Incredible architectural aestetics in this beautiful home overlooking Monterey Bay. Phyllostachys nigra (black bamboo) is a beautiful ornamental plant.IMG_0255  In the young plant, the branches are dark green, and eventually they turn to a deep black. This type of bamboo in native to China and Japan and is thought to be the first bamboo introduced to Europe in the early 1800’s. It’s one of the more popular and desirable bamboos in the West.

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Canaries – Santa Rosa


Canary Island Palms, Santa Rosa, Ca Nov 2011

The Canary Island Palm is one of the most exotic palms.  This cold-hearty palm has been used in landscaping for over 150 years.  Elegant and stately, there are few locations where it cannot be used. It is sometimes called the “Pineapple Palm” because the trunk resembles a pineapple after it’s trimmed.  This large, slow-growing palm eventually reaches a height of 50-60 feet, but luckily it takes a very long time to reach its full height.  The diameter of the trunk can reach four feet.

The Canary Palm grows best in full sun in soil which is kept moist.  Soil should be well-drained.   This palm provides a canopy of green to dark green fronds.  The trunk has a diamond shape pattern.

Canaries - Santa Rosa - installed November 1, 2011 #2

Canary Island Palms, Santa Rosa, Ca Nov 2011

Instant Jungle Nursery Entrance

Instant Jungle Nursery Entrance

Bamboo Screen 30′ Henon

Bamboo Screen 30' Henon

Los Gatos – Vivax 25′

Los Gatos - Vivax 25'

Broadway, San Francisco view with Vivax 28′

Broadway, San Francisco view with Vivax 28'

Spear Building, San Francisco, 1 Market Street

Spear Building, San Francisco, 1 Market Street

Pool with 12′ Black Bamboo

Pool with 12' Black Bamboo

Henon Bamboo

Henon is a beautiful, large bamboo, used for landscaping.  It is an excellent

choice for commercial applications as it is typically capable of attaining great size.  

It  can be used well as a screen as it grows two stories or higher.

It has a potential maximum height of 65 ft (20 m) and diameter of 5 in (13cm).

It grows well in full sun.    It is classified as a variety of phyllostachys nigra (black

bamboo) and has the same delicate foliage. Unlike phllostachys nigra, Henon

culms and branches stay green and the growth habit is upright.  It grows well in

 colder regions as it is a hardy timber bamboo.

Before Henon was installed in front of fence.

Before Henon was installed in front of fence.

 Note the increased privacy in the “before” and

 “after” photos.  This bamboo was installed in Fremont,

 California in August 2013.

Henon bamboo Fremont, Ca

Henon bamboo
Fremont, Ca

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The common name for Phyllostachys bambusoides is Japanese timber bamboo, madake.  It originated in China, but has long been cultivated in Japan, where it is the most widely grown timber bamboo.  It was introduced into Europe in 186 by a French admiral.  It first came to America around 1890.  Bambusoides sometimes does not initiate new shoots until early summer.  The young canes are glossy green.  The young plants have long, prominent lower branches.  Mature plants do not have branches on the lower nodes.  An emerging young shoot in a mature grove has been recorded at a growth rate of 47.6 inches in a single day!  Individual culms (canes) are among the longest lived, producing new foliage each year for two or more decades.  Bambusoides is one of the true giant tree grasses.  Of the timber bamboos, only one variety is potentially larger.  In northerna Califoria it can grow to heights of 40-50 ft, with a diameter of 4-4 1/2 inches.before[1]

  These two photos demonstrate a garden before and after installation of bambusoides.

bambusoides bamboo

bambusoides bamboo

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