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Bill & Andy,   We wanted to introduce you to each other.
Bill K………. is a very prominent realtor in the bay area (San Francisco).  Bill works with new home buyers and existing homeowners.  With his existing clients he works with them to present their property—- the interior and exterior, professionally to bring out the jewels of their property.
Andy, with his “Instant Jungle” can really create a landscape that instantly feels it belongs to that property. Andy has a very vastest Nursery.
Jan & I, have had so many neighbors complement us on how our fledgling front yard. Is so interesting and beautiful. It is almost unearthing. We have only started with the c/windmill Palm {everyone likes this palm} and the Birds of Paradise, which frames the palm beautifully.  {Andy- we have  4/5 spikes showing on just one plant}. It really is Instant.
Hopefully, we can plant our succulents this week.
So we just want to introduce you two.
* Bill- Michael, recommended us to The Instant Jungle.
Take Care,
David and Janet B…….
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