Henon Bamboo

Henon is a beautiful, large bamboo, used for landscaping.  It is an excellent

choice for commercial applications as it is typically capable of attaining great size.  

It  can be used well as a screen as it grows two stories or higher.

It has a potential maximum height of 65 ft (20 m) and diameter of 5 in (13cm).

It grows well in full sun.    It is classified as a variety of phyllostachys nigra (black

bamboo) and has the same delicate foliage. Unlike phllostachys nigra, Henon

culms and branches stay green and the growth habit is upright.  It grows well in

 colder regions as it is a hardy timber bamboo.

Before Henon was installed in front of fence.

Before Henon was installed in front of fence.

 Note the increased privacy in the “before” and

 “after” photos.  This bamboo was installed in Fremont,

 California in August 2013.

Henon bamboo Fremont, Ca

Henon bamboo
Fremont, Ca

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