Instant Jungle is proud of the service and plants that they supply. Would you add your experience with Instant Jungle in the comments?       Thank You,  Andy

Instant Jungle Nursery has been selected for the 2013 Best of Cotati Award in the Retail  Nurseries category by the Cotati Award Program.

Best Of Cotati Award 2013

Each year, the Cotati Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Cotati area a great place to live, work and play. The 2013 Cotati Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity.

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  1. Melissa Prandi at #

    I recently moved in to a new home and had a friend of mine come over and recommend putting bamboo in a few places to add extra privacy. To be honest, I was hesitant as I didn’t know much about Bamboo only that it grows fast. So I called Andy from Instant Jungle and had a great conversation. He made great recommendations as to what type of bamboo to put in which area. They came out and did an excellent installation and off the bamboo went growing and creating a wonderful privacy and nice addition to my beautiful yard.
    Recently I had questions and Andy responded and stopped by to check on my bamboo I was concerned about. He gave his expert recommendations so now not only do I refer to Andy as the “Bamboo expert” but now he has earned the name “Doctor Bamboo” Turns out my bamboo was being a bit overwatered

    ALL Great now – I highly recommend Andy and Instant Jungle
    Thanks Andy


  2. Bea Gaffney at #

    Our house is 30 ft. in front of a two story commercial building. Several landscaping companies had told us they knew of no landscaping that would accomplish our need. We needed privacy and were at our wits end, when our daughter Karen suggested non clumping, non spreading bamboo. We went to several bamboo places but “Instant Jungle” and Andy offered the best bamboo and service. He has been to our house several times to advise us and help us in a friendly way. The bamboo is now at least 15 feet tall and stands in a nice thick straight row. We no longer see the building or lights and I think it has really updated our tiny yard. It is now cool, green and a lovely place to sit and read. I wish I could show you a picture but if you would like to see what it has done contact Andy and he will get in touch with me. I would definetely recommend Instant Jungle.

    • Middy at #

      Hi Bea, this sounds exactly like what we are looking for. Do you remember the name of the bamboo you used? I’d like to research it. Thanks, Middy

  3. Robert Brown at #

    My wife and I moved into a new house in Petaluma four years ago and having been enjoying it since. The only problem is that we have a small back yard and basically no privacy from our neighbors two story house and they were able to look right into our backyard, our bedrooms, and family room. We needed something that would look great and provide at least 14FT of height in order to achieve some level of privacy. We looked into various options such as vines, but none of them would provide the height we needed, and we didn’t have enough room to plant trees or anything too wide. Anyway we started working with Andy at Instant Jungle and got the bamboo installed. We ended up going with the yellow Crookstem Bamboo and it looks great! We started with 10 plants that I believe were in 15 gallon containers originally and its now been about 3 years later and we have a beautiful wall of privacy. The bamboo is about 20-25 high and you can’t see our neighbors house. When our friends and family come over there always amazed by the bamboo and how great it looks. Andy and his team did a great job with the installation which they did over a couple days. I would recommend them to anyone looking for privacy as bamboo is a great solution!

  4. Max Hein at #

    I am happy to share my positive experience and overall satisfaction. Instant Jungle Nursery recently installed nine large pots of Japanese Timber bamboo (Madake) to help create a privacy screen along the edge of our property. Andy and his crew arrived on time and were very efficient during the entire process of the installation. They accomplished in about two hours what might have taken me two weeks, even if I could move the 25 gallon pots around. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to watching our bamboo reach even greater height and become a beautiful grove in the next few years. I enjoyed working with Andy and his workers on this project and anticipate having them install future bamboos on our property. Having purchased bamboos from several other nurseries, I think the price and quality at Instant Jungle are noteworthy.

  5. I’ve seen the Instant Jungle operation from the beginning, years ago. Andy has built the business to serve his customers and he’s done a great job. His inventory has grown in both quantity and height. The quality of the plants is exceptional. You get Andy’s expert, experienced advice in choosing bamboo plants and palms and in planting advice or help. I can’t imagine buying bamboo any where else.

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